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Any view or stored procedure that references the dropped table must be explicitly dropped by using DROP VIEW or DROP PROCEDURE. In other words, MSSQL doesn't automagically warn you, or drop the view for you. The view simply becomes invalid. MSDN continues: To report the dependencies on a table, use sys.dm_sql_referencing_entities. For example. Online based SQL/MS SQL Query creator tool to generate drop view query quickly. KW Online Tools Zone. Knowledge Walls. View All Tools Home. SQL/MS SQL Query Generator. CREATE DATABASE. RENAME DATABASE. DROP DATABASE. CREATE TABLE. TEMPORARY TABLE. Online SQL/MS SQL drop view query generator. This SQL tutorial explains how to create, update, and drop SQL VIEWS with syntax and examples. The SQL VIEW is, in essence, a virtual table that does not physically exist. Rather, it is created by a SQL statement that joins one or more tables. CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW doesn't seem to work in SQL Server. So how do I port CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW to work on SQL Server? This is what I'm trying to do: CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW data_VVVV AS SELEC.

For SQL Server 2014 and older versions, use this statement to drop the view if it exists. IF EXISTS SELECT 1 FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_IDN'vwMyTecBitsUsers' AND type = N'V' DROP VIEW vwMyTecBitsUsers GO DROP Function IF EXISTS. To drop a function if it exists in SQL Server 2016 and higher. -Running the SQL inside of the view takes less than a second to complete.-Running drop view vw_Users just hangs and never actually completes. I let it run for about 10 minutes before I cancelled it. I restarted the SQL Server Agent, then tried again, but it's still occurring. 03/11/2015 · DROP IF EXISTS – new thing in SQL Server 2016. Could you please create or vote for this change on MS connect? CREATE OR REPLACE and DROP IF EXISTS are highly voted items on Ms connect and this is the place where we are picking changes that should be added. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio – 13.0.15700.28. 3 years ago. 09/11/2017 · Hi, I have a SP with parameters that looks like: GetData_sp projectNO, yearFrom, yearTo Is it possible to create a view out of this SP, as our software packages only work with views. Thanks! Sarah Wang · It depends on the code in SP, but most likely you will be able to create a table-valued function not a view. Keep in mind that. How can I drop all tables whose names begin with a given string? I think this can be done with some dynamic SQL and the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables.

No, a view consists of a single SELECT statement. You cannot create or drop tables in a view. Maybe a common table expression CTE can solve your problem. CTEs are temporary result sets that are defined within the execution scope of a single statement and they can be used in views. 13/12/2019 · MS Access - SQL View - In this chapter, we will be covering the SQL view. Whenever you create a query in query design, Access automatically creates the SQL query for you. This actuall.

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